Thursday, April 08, 2010

Have Corruption...Will Decline

It seems the only huge , irresponsible government programs with a majority of support are the Military Industrial Complex and the Wall Street/Big Bank bailouts.

Give me Halliburton ....or give me Bullet trains, Metros, and Single Payer health care.

Give me Enron, Wall Street, Huge Banks and weak Unions.... or give me back the 1950's through Pre-Reagan era; when one average person could buy a home, a car, and support a family.

It's really quite a simple principle...the more corrupt the people....the more government is needed....the least corrupt ...the less government....

Mother Theresa or a gangster.....hmmm? ..which one ?...should have more "freedoms" restrained?

Americans are slowly starting to wake up and see how corrupt the US really why is the TEA PARTY protesting for less government....?

There are current examples of minimal government and low taxes...Mexico, Somalia.....

I really think it's past time to shine the light on this "Christian conservative" oxymoron.

And don't get me going on immigration.....been to Australia lately?

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