Friday, April 09, 2010

Grossly Unfair Tax Code

California is where I live and the government is in deficit.

I propose a progressive property tax rate to curb the insane market valuations and put more money in the coffers for our out-dated infrastructure and from those who "invest" in shelter. Hello?

I propose an end to the tax subsidies for home mortgage interest. It's just wrong to subsidize those choosing to be indebted for 15 - 30 years to the whims of over-inflated housing prices.

Instead; give the home builders incentives to build more housing and bring the market down to a healthy level. More than 30% of income for housing is unwise for maintaining a healthy society.

I propose a return to the progressive tax codes of the 1950's to the Pre -Reagan years. What we have here is "pigs at the troughs".

A "flat" tax is unfair and will not work because we do not have "flat" wages.

Any questions , any answers, ride a bullet train lately?

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