Monday, April 26, 2010

New Rules

1) Paying taxes is an honor----stop whining---trust me, Oprah will not need food stamps if she's taxed 2% higher

2) Too much Pride ---- is a bad thing---- where you were born, certain opportunities, and what you look like ---you had nothing to do about it---unless you had work done

3) All wealth and attention received does not equal ...All wealth and attention earned.... our country's obsession with the rich and famous ---is a wrong thing---when Oprah decides to start her own bullet train company instead of investing in another stupid cable network.....(yeah, we need more materialism)....then we can give her some kudos.

4) Elections are not "won"...they are concluded... It is not a football game..don't get too excited.... for more of the same two party plutarchy corruption compromise

5)You cannot be greedy and expect a low unemployment rate......"It's the housing market....stupid" many jobs can there really be when so many people are paying up to 50% of income for artificially inflated housing, forcing the need for two job income households, and being in debt to the loan sharks...and we still have millions immigrating here.....job outsourcing, etc....

6) Christian an oxymoron.....just because we limit government and lower taxes.. it will not make all the problems go away.....Mexico and Somalia fit that definition.....any questions?...any answers?...ride a bullet train lately..?

Feel free to add more "rules" to my constructive satire a la Bill Maher

Isn't It Past Time For A Multi-Party System?

This is a really important question that, I believe is fundamental to tangible political change.

Campaign finance reform..I am all for that....but until our 2 party plutarchy ends...where can real reforms in policy begin?

If we had at least two more parties...a progressive party and a conservative party....this change alone would give voice to a much broader spectrum of ideas.

What we have now is corruption, compromise, and gridlock.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see the true America really having no "center"...when we give the people more choices than the broken lunacy embedded in the system we currently have governing us?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Transportation Reform

I used to live in Los Angeles; and it has a pitifully poor Metro Bus/Taxi system.

There are so many cities in the U.S. that do not offer public transportation as a viable alternative to driving.

Powerful corporations that wanted to make lots of money; convinced the legislative authorities in Los Angeles; to dismantle the extensive trolley lines that were in place about 50 years ago.

I have been to poor countries, like Mexico; and their cities have incredible bus service and extensive taxis and minivans...In fact, this is the only country I know of that doesn't have great transportation.

Here, in Los Angeles; you could wait one hour for a bus and still not have a direct route to your destination.

It's sad when 3rd world countries have better public transportation choices and better service than most of of the wealthiest places in the world.

When will the tired, dinosaur plutocrats become extinct; so that; true representatives of the people will be able to propose appropriate transportation standards. We are tired of being forced to endure driving the congested madness, risking; life, limb and sanity; day after day...and making the oil cartel parasites richer.

All our stress and anxiety for the greedy gain of a few.

...ain't that America?

Urban Housing Model And Taxation Exercise

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate the effectiveness that progressive; as opposed to regressive or flat; property taxes would have on the bane of capitalist societies; namely, the artificial hyper-inflation of real estate.

I would like to try my urban housing market model on an extreme micro - scale based on income in the U.S.

I could do it with 100 students of the same age, in a class room :

Step 1 ---Distribute to all paper money and asset statements based on their assigned vocation and it's average income, like the US, there will be vast disparity.

Step 2---Recreate a monopoly exercise that is as close to reality as possible. It would be a challenge, but certainly possible.

Step 3---Have the average number of housing transactions done according to the purchasing power of each, bidding as high as they want, buying as much property as possible , but not exceeding 50% of income.

Step 4---Assume the greed position , where the wealthiest will buy the most houses and bid the highest

Step 5---Run the exercise 2 times; once with progressive property taxes, and once with flat..

The property tax rate that keeps the average housing bid the lowest and yields the most money for the County Treasury... is the better!

Any high school student with google could do this....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reform/Rename Social Security, Medicare policy, Discount policy and Stop Age Discrimination

Social security is a total joke and a Ponzi scheme.

First, it should be renamed and called ...Social Insurance... because:

1) It is now a de facto welfare program because millions of people are getting checks that are already wealthy and have received way more than they paid in. Bankrupt?....duh? thanks to our wonderful, out of touch, plutocratic legislators.

2) If the SSA was run as an insurance company, people would pay in AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALIVE !
3) People in the highest income brackets should not qualify for welfare, which is exactly what the system currently is.

4) MEDICARE for ALL... The fact that all people under 65 are not eligible for Medicare is simply.. Age Discrimination.... think about it.. heh heh, you don't get health care... because I'm a Senior and I am better than you.....It's simply bad, draconian civil rights policy that we only help Seniors with medical expenses.

Senior Discounts? Really? Guess which age brackets are proportionately the wealthiest by total assets?.... 65-75 yr. olds!

Talk about entitlements....this really takes the cake!

New Irony

New Irony....My 2010 income tax that I actually paid was ~45% less under Obama's "socialist regime" than it was under "the decider," who claimed to be a conservative...............Wake up and smell the coffee, people. How deluded can you really be....sippin' the Tea?

Sadly, we will still see lots of misguided, angry, out-of-touchers waving their ugly signs and sippin' the Tea on Tax Day...all those Medicare recipients shouting "no government run health care"...all those parents who send their children to public schools (government run and funded socialized education)...all those that are or were in the military (another government run and funded institution)...etc. Good Luck...y'all...

Too Big To Fail?

It's more like...To Big To Care!!!

What kind of corrupt , amoral, plutocratic legislators allowed these Banking and Insurance Cartels to become that big in the first place?....some kind of weak anti-trust quid pro quo I suppose..............therefore.. I propose...

New Laws .......No interest higher than 5% ever...above 5% is illegal ...can u spell......USURY?
......... No home loan allowed longer than 20 years term...ever...
.....We have a Union of.50 States...............mandate a Union of 50 Banks and 50 Insurance Companies ; and interstate regulation to connect them and enforce the law.
..... Only Fixed Interest Loans

Do you realize how much we have been seriously ripped off?!! Good ol' Greed, seducing people into manipulating the housing market by acquiring homes at ridiculous prices...." cause Real Estate always goes up"...really?

How much have we progressed as a nation when it took 30 years for 1(one) person to pay off a home over 50 years ago;
and now it takes 2(two) people!!....30 years.!!!...that is called the 3rd world...; or at least financial enslavement..hello?

One obvious reason for the regression, is simply, the predominant American culture of materialism and gotta-have-it-now syndrome....instead of saving a substantial down payment for a 15 or 20 year loan...people are out shopping and shopping, stuffing their places with cheap crap from China and huge,idiotic, follow-the-crowd, gas guzzling SUVs and Hummers...keeping up with ..the Gotta Havits and eating out so often...foolishness and .....voila.....instant selfish gratification.

Honestly, I have always thought that it was perverted to "invest" in shelter,... so ...let's see ...I am paying more ( $) and getting less(older, rotting, out of date, etc.)but most importantly....making it more and more expensive and/or not affordable for everyone else ...since the Reagan years....thank you, GREED!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Television and Radio Reform

I know this is radical and will probably never happen, but although almost 50, I am still idealistic.
That said,
I think we all pay too much for television and radio, and unfairly pay for what we do not collectively, as consumers, watch or listen to.
Most Television and Radio programs,judged by common moral standards, are decisively trashy and negative; even "News".

We all pay for TV and radio indirectly, as in; more costly consumer products and services anyway.

I propose a total revamp of TV and Radio broadcasting as we know it.
Changing it from the current system, to a regulated, pay-per-view/listen system.

The upside of this reality also contains compromises that I would accept...showing my pragmatic side.

No annoying commercials; especially pharmaceutical and law firms.
No political ads allowed, positive or negative
The freedom of not being forced to subsidize and be exposed to programming that one does not choose to support.

Of course, this includes the end of advertising being allowed as a business tax expense deduction.

Hello? Quality costs.... but subsidized mediocrity costs much more.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Materialism - The American Idol

When you face eternity
It won't be about STUFF
Not the cars, the houses
Not the bank account, the luxuries
Not your individual "rights"

So, stop this foolish anger
About government and taxes
And consider this...

It will be about the following:
Loving, helping , building relationships
Caring, sacrificing, praying, giving
Hope, and believing faith.
So embrace a Government with the highest authority.

Therefore, I beg you,
Choose that which lasts
That which is unseen

The Idol is has to...
Watch it now.....

Give to government what belongs to government
Give to God what belongs to Him.

Grossly Unfair Tax Code

California is where I live and the government is in deficit.

I propose a progressive property tax rate to curb the insane market valuations and put more money in the coffers for our out-dated infrastructure and from those who "invest" in shelter. Hello?

I propose an end to the tax subsidies for home mortgage interest. It's just wrong to subsidize those choosing to be indebted for 15 - 30 years to the whims of over-inflated housing prices.

Instead; give the home builders incentives to build more housing and bring the market down to a healthy level. More than 30% of income for housing is unwise for maintaining a healthy society.

I propose a return to the progressive tax codes of the 1950's to the Pre -Reagan years. What we have here is "pigs at the troughs".

A "flat" tax is unfair and will not work because we do not have "flat" wages.

Any questions , any answers, ride a bullet train lately?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hypocrisy , Fear, And Hysteria... U.S. Food Staples?

The fear-mongers of the airwaves and print media are getting fat, and I mean a grossly obese overcompensation; living off the fear and the anger of the intellectually feeble minded.
Much of the political commentary in the U.S.has gone from cynical to practically insane.

There is so much "crying wolf" out there in the ether, that when there really is an actual, tangible threat ...everyone will be asleep at the wheel....... like on 9/11/2001 !

It's like being in some strange country that I don't remember. Where does credibility lie when Fear is portrayed as factual and Reality is considered relatively unimportant?

Of course, like any profit driven demoniac, the only way to curb this insanity would be to change the standards and change how media is funded.

Ending the tax deduction for all business advertising would be a good start.

Have Corruption...Will Decline

It seems the only huge , irresponsible government programs with a majority of support are the Military Industrial Complex and the Wall Street/Big Bank bailouts.

Give me Halliburton ....or give me Bullet trains, Metros, and Single Payer health care.

Give me Enron, Wall Street, Huge Banks and weak Unions.... or give me back the 1950's through Pre-Reagan era; when one average person could buy a home, a car, and support a family.

It's really quite a simple principle...the more corrupt the people....the more government is needed....the least corrupt ...the less government....

Mother Theresa or a gangster.....hmmm? ..which one ?...should have more "freedoms" restrained?

Americans are slowly starting to wake up and see how corrupt the US really why is the TEA PARTY protesting for less government....?

There are current examples of minimal government and low taxes...Mexico, Somalia.....

I really think it's past time to shine the light on this "Christian conservative" oxymoron.

And don't get me going on immigration.....been to Australia lately?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Trickle-Down Delusion

I think it is ironic that so much of the anger and chaos among our U.S. population are currently coming from the right wing conservatives and the Tea Party protesters. I say "ironic" because I think that most of the core issues that affect the quality of life of millions of people negatively everyday are not usually mentioned by most of the loudest and richest voices on the right.

The insecurity-based, corrupt and inordinate money spent on "defense", as well as unjust war crimes is in itself an enormous part of federal spending. The unreasonable cost of housing and health care; the neglectful lack of inexpensive rapid mass transit; and the continued downward spiral of real wages for working people; actually stem from those mostly urban issues not having ENOUGH funding and government regulation. In other words... they are RIGHT of center and need to move LEFT (back to the center) to affect positive change. These are just some of the burgeoning effects of greed (not addressed by nearly every policies endorsed by the right).

Basically, what we have here is the same old tired theme that we have repeatedly heard since Ronald Reagan got elected in 1980. We continually hear the vocal minority reacting contrarily to the clear needs and wants of the majority. Let's face it; generally, the "bluer" the locale, the more urban and more highly educated the people are. Why does most of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have a higher quality of urban life than the United States in almost every category? Many of their policies value the common good versus the policies that value individualistic consumption, greed and monopoly that are popular here.

The U.S. population is nearly 80% urban now, but its urban infrastructure funding does not reflect this reality. In 2008 the Urban Land Institute estimated that we run an annual infrastructure funding deficit of at least $170 billion.

Foolishly, most of the right has thought that cutting taxes, yet continuing to wage unnecessary war; defend the world and explore space, while neglecting important issues here at home, and still continuing to increase governmental expenditures...somehow the market would just work it all out...yeah right! "Trickle-Down Delusion" is what I would call it.

Obviously, if you live and work in an insulated U.S. suburban area or a smaller town, make a six+ figure salary, and love your dinosaur auto, you probably will not be supporting high speed rail for mass transportation.... I have a feeling I am not in Switzerland anymore!

Click on the title for a link to see a list of quality of life ranking of top world cities.

Friday, April 02, 2010

How Much Government Is Enough?

I want enough government control until the greed, corruption, incompetence, the lawlessness; destruction of the middle class and overall urban quality of life in our society is checked.

One main problem is the Deifying of the man-made systems at work here in the US...
I believe any man-made system needs to be tweaked and amended from time to time and not be "set in stone", especially amidst a misguided nationalistic fervor.

Of course those that benefit the most, or the status quo , will not want many, if any, changes to the plutarchy here that they worship.

I am so grateful there were US leaders who did a great job regulating business and levying fair taxation .....circa 1950 - 81 (pre-Reagan)... this is US History.

This is when the head of the average household could afford to buy a home,a car, raise a family and the quality of urban life was the highest in the world.

This is a history of a good standard that we can compare with life here and now.

We have been in steady decline since then, and more recently, dramatic decline.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The New Pledge For America

I Pledge
To not be indifferent to
The Divided State of America
And to the greedy, corporate Plutocracy
For which this nation has fallen

The disunited racial, lingual, ethical,
Multinational, and multi-level; economic aggregation

Rotting progressively
In vanity, pride, and cultural decay
Which values profit and self-interests
Far above people and community

With liberty and justice drowning
Amidst its rising tides of
Hate, murder, discord, and poverty

Openly negotiable
For the hallowed "market price"

Matthew 24:12  "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold".