Tuesday, November 14, 2006

True Freedom Has Boundaries

Another, pernicious plague upon our society; coming from a very ugly place, is the "ghetto shaker" car stereo. INSTEAD OF HEARING......YOU ARE FEELING ..... LOUD, BOOMING VIBRATIONS AT ABUSIVE VOLUMES VERY FREQUENTLY DAY AND NIGHT.......THROUGH SHUT DOORS.......any questions?

I am sure you have heard, or rather, felt their obnoxious vibrations; shaking windows and disturbing the ever- shrinking, tiny bit of peace that exists in a large, urban American setting.

What is more disturbing, is the policy of allowing these horrors to be sold in the first place. Of course, the psychology behind what motivates these sociopaths that decide to buy such an abomination is easy to determine; they simply want attention. But, at what cost?

Is this what freedom means? One person has the power and the right to disrupt the peace of thousands in a community at any time? This is not what freedom is. True freedom takes into account the rights of the community, which has a right to freedom from excessive noise.

How is this issue resolved? Simply. Just like drugs have to be approved by the FDA, before they can be manufactured and sold; so should all other products be approved for their safety and their purpose to the community. Obviously, "ghetto shakers" would never have been allowed to be manufactured in a truly free society.

So again, we have to thank the incompetent fools running(ruining) this country for the continued decline in quality of life here in the " United " States.

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