Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Roots of Corrupt Policy

I guess I should just get right to the heart of most problems.

Most humans are basically too proud, too greedy, too lazy, too apathetic to watch, study and learn wisdom; to reach out and help solve problems; outside of their own selfish, smug , and comfortable world.

That said, I can now blog and try to make sense of populist issues and the various ways that the "Fab 4" ( PRIDE, WILLFULL IGNORANCE, LAZINESS, GREED ) are usually at the root of many issues that face people universally.

Just analyze almost any issue you can read or hear about in the media today, and it most likely falls into one or more of these categories. Notice that I am not talking about class warfare here. It is not wealth or poverty in themselves that are the problem here; in this extremely prosperous country.

Our main problem lies in an economic and and societal value system that encourages hoarding materialism and neglects the value of services that really do not have a price tag.

The promotion of inane whims of "the market" that sells it's gullible public; the idolatrous, selfish pursuit of individual luxury and his/her rights; and the demotion of the community, it's need for infrastructure , the need to organize and maintain it's overall quality of life, and not give one's soul to Materialism.

I think, that in a more enlightened republic, life wouldn't be so much about fancy sport cars and bigger toys, and going into debt for 30 years paying over 40% of income for shelter... would be about farmers and teachers and health care workers... and helping the neighbors. Just go ahead, be bold and ask why an entertainer should be worth more to "the market", then say, a police officer, who barely makes it here where I live.

I live here in Los Angeles, California; not a stellar performer in urban quality of life ratings, and I will be commenting on problems that affect people locally , statewide, regionally, and nationally.

I would like to help lead this country in a more peaceful and prosperous direction, but the first step on the road to recovery is to first acknowledge that.. THERE IS A PROBLEM..

I sometimes feel like the little kid in the story "The Emperor's New Clothes", who was the only one who could muster the courage to blurt out the obvious truth - the Emperor was naked!.. America is declining.. fast!

This city, state, and nation have problems that are so obvious, yet not too many care enough to notice and point out how destructive certain policies are. We keep quiet because we may offend those that are just way too proud of their "lot in life".

Again, Pride is working in that mindset, .... TRUTH TRUMPS BEING OFFENDED
Let's let real freedom of speech work here; let's all start having more civil political discourse.

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