Tuesday, November 14, 2006

True Freedom Has Boundaries

Another, pernicious plague upon our society; coming from a very ugly place, is the "ghetto shaker" car stereo. INSTEAD OF HEARING......YOU ARE FEELING ..... LOUD, BOOMING VIBRATIONS AT ABUSIVE VOLUMES VERY FREQUENTLY DAY AND NIGHT.......THROUGH SHUT DOORS.......any questions?

I am sure you have heard, or rather, felt their obnoxious vibrations; shaking windows and disturbing the ever- shrinking, tiny bit of peace that exists in a large, urban American setting.

What is more disturbing, is the policy of allowing these horrors to be sold in the first place. Of course, the psychology behind what motivates these sociopaths that decide to buy such an abomination is easy to determine; they simply want attention. But, at what cost?

Is this what freedom means? One person has the power and the right to disrupt the peace of thousands in a community at any time? This is not what freedom is. True freedom takes into account the rights of the community, which has a right to freedom from excessive noise.

How is this issue resolved? Simply. Just like drugs have to be approved by the FDA, before they can be manufactured and sold; so should all other products be approved for their safety and their purpose to the community. Obviously, "ghetto shakers" would never have been allowed to be manufactured in a truly free society.

So again, we have to thank the incompetent fools running(ruining) this country for the continued decline in quality of life here in the " United " States.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nationalism Shmashionalism

To all those who are over exuberant about how they praise the United States for being so great, I have some bones to pick with you.

First, I want to say, those of us who criticize, stating what we believe is wrong here, does not mean we hate our country. Speaking for myself, I want to make this a better country. The first step in solving a problem is to recognize THAT THERE IS ONE! Pride taken too far only blinds us to what is obvious to those looking at the issues from a global and ideal perspective.

I believe that a good way to determine the greatness of a country is twofold; determine the quality of life for all its citizens and take a look how the most vulnerable in society are treated and cared for.

Cities, here in the United States, do not make the list of the top 28 cities with the highest quality of life*. They are exclusively in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The murder rate alone here is appalling with it being nearly 6 times the murders per capita than Norway's rate. How about those huge, growing acreages of decaying, urban ghettos filled with daily murders, poverty, theft, violence and desperation; that few want to even talk about?

I would even argue that with all the non-assimilated immigrants currently living here, the continuously vanishing middle class, and the political gridlock in Washington, D.C. , that we are not truly "united", but certainly divided.
How cruel and despicable is it also for those in congress, who are well off, to vote for themselves , regular pay raises, while refusing to raise the minimum wage significantly for, roughly, the last 10 years.

I guess it is OK to subsidize privileged homeowners, wealthy senior citizens, and hand out corporate welfare, but tax dollars to help those who struggle to make a living is just out of the question. So, we allow the most vulnerable to be oppressed, and we expect no backlash?

The backlash is the high crime and lower quality of life that results when making a profit takes precedence over making a community.

*information found at website: citymayors.com under city rankings

Monday, November 06, 2006

Problems...Driving...More Problems?

Well, what issue should I attack first. I think I should start with an issue that has plagued untold millions of people everyday, for many, many years, especially here in Metropolitan USA.

LET"S TALK ABOUT DRIVING! Where should I start?
The people that have been in charge of transportation and its funding here in the U.S. since the 50's couldn't be more negligent and should be in jail! These extremely powerful people have been partly responsible for the innumerable headaches, accidents, deaths, mayhem, incredible fuel consumption and pollution resulting from not having modern Western European transportation here.

But, even if you accept the situation as it is, we then come to an issue that will insult almost everyone. Is it, perhaps, that I alone have discovered a SCIENTIFIC METHOD of driving in high density urban traffic? As I look around on the clogged, parking lot-like freeway every day, I notice that I am THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS IT! HELLO!!! THE GOAL IS TO MOVE!!!!!! So why does everyone get right up to the bumper of the car that is stopped in a long line of vehicles?

Because of STUPIDITY. This scenario proves conclusively that almost universally, humans inanely follow the crowd and are like sheep, just blindly following the car, (fashion statement, lifestyle, etc.), that is ahead of them, instead of thinking an original thought and doing something smart.

WHAT DO I DO? I am not that smart and I figured it out...... First of all, only intelligent people follow this rule ....One car length distance for every 10 mph. So already you have, at least, a 6 or 7 car length gap between you and the car ahead of you. Then, when I see the cars jamming up...heres the clue...BRAKE LIGHTS... I slow down to a crawl, and my goal is ..NEVER TO COME TO A COMPLETE STOP, that is the goal of driving, right?

So, if EVERYONE on the freeway was driving as close as possible to the same speed, that narrow margin of speed , and EVERYONE was driving as a "team", instead of a bunch of selfish, inane drones; driving too close; too fast or too slow, and weaving and lane changing..... guess what?

We would be driving safer, slower, and always be moving forward in heavy traffic, plus we would all get there as quick as is possible and we would not be stressed out.

CHECK THIS OUT! Have you noticed when you are in a line of stopped cars , that are bumper to bumper at a red light, and you are in the fifth car from the front ; when the light changes to green, you must wait until the car ahead of you moves, and the car in front of you waited for the car in front of it, and so on and so on.

But, if there was, JUST (1) CAR LENGTH between each vehicle stopped at the light, when it turned green, each vehicle could take off at the same time !!!!! Imagine that... roadways moving more uniformly than chaotic! The choice is ours...To Clog...Or Not To Clog.....

This needs to be carefully taught everywhere! Join me in the "Sanity While Driving " campaign. PASS IT ON, PLEASE!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Roots of Corrupt Policy

I guess I should just get right to the heart of most problems.

Most humans are basically too proud, too greedy, too lazy, too apathetic to watch, study and learn wisdom; to reach out and help solve problems; outside of their own selfish, smug , and comfortable world.

That said, I can now blog and try to make sense of populist issues and the various ways that the "Fab 4" ( PRIDE, WILLFULL IGNORANCE, LAZINESS, GREED ) are usually at the root of many issues that face people universally.

Just analyze almost any issue you can read or hear about in the media today, and it most likely falls into one or more of these categories. Notice that I am not talking about class warfare here. It is not wealth or poverty in themselves that are the problem here; in this extremely prosperous country.

Our main problem lies in an economic and and societal value system that encourages hoarding materialism and neglects the value of services that really do not have a price tag.

The promotion of inane whims of "the market" that sells it's gullible public; the idolatrous, selfish pursuit of individual luxury and his/her rights; and the demotion of the community, it's need for infrastructure , the need to organize and maintain it's overall quality of life, and not give one's soul to Materialism.

I think, that in a more enlightened republic, life wouldn't be so much about fancy sport cars and bigger toys, and going into debt for 30 years paying over 40% of income for shelter...

..life would be about farmers and teachers and health care workers... and helping the neighbors. Just go ahead, be bold and ask why an entertainer should be worth more to "the market", then say, a police officer, who barely makes it here where I live.

I live here in Los Angeles, California; not a stellar performer in urban quality of life ratings, and I will be commenting on problems that affect people locally , statewide, regionally, and nationally.

I would like to help lead this country in a more peaceful and prosperous direction, but the first step on the road to recovery is to first acknowledge that.. THERE IS A PROBLEM..

I sometimes feel like the little kid in the story "The Emperor's New Clothes", who was the only one who could muster the courage to blurt out the obvious truth - the Emperor was naked!.. America is declining.. fast!

This city, state, and nation have problems that are so obvious, yet not too many care enough to notice and point out how destructive certain policies are. We keep quiet because we may offend those that are just way too proud of their "lot in life".

Again, Pride is working in that mindset, .... TRUTH TRUMPS BEING OFFENDED
Let's let real freedom of speech work here; let's all start having more civil political discourse.